A large number of NIHS students seek to improve themselves by participating in extra-curricular activities—sports, cultural activities and creative undertakings. The goal of the club activities is not merely to win in competitions or to become more skillful at a given task. Rather, they are an important way for our students to interact with students from different grades at school. Older and younger students have a great chance to get to know one another and help one another out. Students can forge close friendships throughout their six years at NIHS. Both the Japanese teachers and the Native English teachers help to make our club activities a success for our students.

Sports6-Year ProgramSenior High School
Field Hockey
Baton Twirling
Table Tennis
Cultural Clubs6-Year ProgramSenior High School
English Drama
Wind Orchestra
Tea Ceremony
English Study
Light Music

Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS)

Students in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme must log a range of activities that involve intellectual, physical, creative and emotional experiences. Activities should provide the student with personal challenges that are achievable. Thoughtful consideration of planning, reviewing progress, and reflecting on outcomes and personal learning are integral components of the course that are used to determine the successful completion of a student’s CAS requirements. “Creativity” may include creative thinking in the design and carrying out of service projects. It can involve doing dance, arts, theater or music. “Activity” can include participation in expeditions, individual and team sports, and physical activities outside of the normal curriculum. “Service” involves interaction, such as the building of links with individuals or groups in the community. The community may be the school, the local district, or it may exist on national and international levels (such as undertaking projects of assistance in a developing country). Service activities should not only involve doing things for others but also doing things with others and developing a real commitment with them. The relationship should therefore show respect for the dignity and self-respect of others.


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