In 2008, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) selected Nagoya International Junior and Senior High School as a Model School of Educational Reform. Through this program, MEXT assists private schools to reach their independent goals for school improvement based on a clearly articulated theme, which we have briefly explained in the section below.

School Theme

NIHS aims to provide our students with an education for international understanding that focuses on the ability to communicate in English with confidence and skill.

School Outline

NIHS aims to cultivate in all of our students proficiency in everyday English and to encourage an understanding of and respect for people of different ethnicities, religions and cultures. NIHS is unique in that it puts great value on school events that enhance international understanding, NIHS also provides students with access to many Native English teachers to help them master this important common language of the world.

Assessing Progress in English

In order to assess the progress of NIHS students in their English studies, we administer either the TOEIC Bridge or the regular TOEIC two times a year.

While NIHS was named a Model School of Educational Reform eight years ago, the vision that we articulated and that the Ministry of Education and Science recognized in honoring us with this designation continues to inspire us. For this reason, we invite those interested in our school’s aspirations to have a careful look at this document.

Click here link to see the Model School Report that NIHS has prepared. It is a bilingual document.


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