On October 6, 2014, UNESCO officially recognized Nagoya International Junior and Senior High School (NIHS) as a UNESCO Associated School. This status recognizes our school for its commitment to international understanding and dialogue, to Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), to human rights to education, the to eradication of poverty and education for all. The UNESCO Associated Schools network has operated since 1953 and works with schools in 180 countries.

NIHS qualified for this status for a number of reasons. First, our school focuses on teaching English in order to give students an essential tool that they need in order to engage in international dialogue. Again, all of our students travel abroad at least two times during their junior and senior high school years. Also, many of our students are involved in Model United Nations activities, both here at our school and in national competitions. Finally, our school has developed opportunities for students to engage every summer in service work in the Philippines.

Based on their experience in the Philippines, some of our students have become advocates of Fairtrade International, a global organization working to secure a better deal for farmers in developing countries. Farmers sell their products on Fairtrade terms. These standards are designed to combat injustice and instability in the traditional markets. They help farmers and other workers to earn a living wage by encouraging wealthier consumers to reduce world poverty through their daily purchases of goods certified by Fairtrade International.

Students and teachers who have participated in the Philippines service trip and who have sold Fairtrade products at our school festival recently participated in poster events allowing them to share the lessons that they have learned from these activities. The poster events, held in Nagoya and Okayama, were held in advance of the UNESCO world summit on ESD held here in Nagoya recently. ESD is one of the most important initiatives dedicated to achieving the eight Millennial Development Goals that the United Nations articulated in 2000.

Every May, our third-grade junior high school students travel to London and Paris for one week. While they are in Paris, they visit the UNESCO World Headquarters to learn more about this agency and the vitally important work that it is doing. We at NIHS are proud to work with UNESCO to further its important international agenda.


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