We are pleased to announce that Nagoya International Junior and Senior High School (NIHS) has been designated a Super Global High School (SGH) Associate School.

SGH is a national program that started in 2014 to encourage senior high schools to educate global leaders who have a deep humanitarian interest in the rapidly evolving global world as well as the communication and problem solving skills that they need to thrive in this arena.

NIHS, seeking to strengthen and refine the international program that it has had in place for many years now, formally applied this year to the Ministry of Education and Science (MEXT) and was named an SGH Associate School.

Having received this status, we seek to educate students who are committed to sustainable development and who have a desire and ability to evaluate what is necessary to accomplish this goal. For this reason, we have decided to initiate for the 2015-2016 academic year a project designed to inculcate in our students a commitment to sustainable development through “Social Action!”.

Those who would like to read in far greater detail about the SGH projects in which our students are currently engaged and about our efforts to foster international-mindedness through the SGH initiative at our school are encouraged to visit the Japanese pages of this site. Click on the SGH button on the top menu on the home page (second from the left; SGH is written in capital Roman letters). Most of the content is presented in that section in both Japanese and English.


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