To become an international person carrying the world and the future of Japan.

Headmaster Itaru KOBAYASHI

The modern society in which we live invites extremely big historic change in the arrival of a knowledge-based society, the development of rapid globalization, dramatic improvement of information technology, and the intensification of the global environment.

We aim to develop a global leader that is required in such a modern society, that is, the "international's future." The international people, equipped with their own identity, can also act with a normal heart in a foreign land, respect individuals from other culture as equals, and promote development of an international society.

At our school, we create an educational environment where international culture hits "frontier spirit" our school motto.
We have strived to introduce a well-balanced curriculum which fosters both understanding and tolerance toward cultures while promoting logical thought and expression, inquiring minds and academic thinking.

In cooperation with domestic universities which advance internationalization, overseas universities, enterprises, and international organizations, we will promote the development practice of a high-quality curriculum.
Through this way, we sincerely expect to produce empathetic and enthusiastic students, who play an active role in our international society.


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