Notice of establishment of International Class


In April 2021, NUCB International Junior and Senior High School will establish an International Class (1 class).

This class is a middle and high school integrated course mainly for upper English proficiency (returning children, international school graduates, etc.) and foreign children (assuming children of start-up companies based in Aichi Prefecture).

A native instructor will be in charge of the International Class, and a Japanese deputy teacher will support the native homeroom teacher.

The curriculum is similar to that of a general junior high school, but all English courses are taught by a native instructor, and morals and comprehensive study time are also taught by a native instructor.

We will also provide opportunities to teach Japanese after school or on Saturdays for students who need to improve their Japanese language proficiency. The international understanding training held in the third year of junior high school is planned to be an overseas training focusing on SDGs and international volunteers.

There is a possibility of changing to a general class (Japanese dominant courses) when advancing to the upper grades, where students will be classified based on their characteristics, not according to academic ability.

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